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TECNOMIG 505W PULSE SYNERGIC is an inverter synergic semi-automatic welding machine designed for MIG / MAG arc welding. The device has been designed for professional and industrial use.

The device has four welding modes: MIG, MIG PULSE, MIG PULSE DOUBLE, MIG COOL PULSE

TECNOMIG 505W is used for welding stainless steels, carbon and low-alloy steels as well as aluminum. Welding takes place in an inert gas, active gas or a mixture, depending on the gas and wire selected on the control panel.

The device is equipped with a mode switch: SP - manual regulation and SYN - synergic regulation

Thanks to the use of MIG pulsation, the amount of heat introduced to the welded element is increased. It is possible to obtain a better weld, regardless of the welding position, and to reduce the amount of spatter.

The function of saving welding parameters makes it easier to work on different materials without having to reset the device when changing gas and wire.

Both with the MIG and MIG PULS methods, we have the option to select the function of the button in the handle between the SPOT mode (spot welding), 2-step, 2-step SLOW DOWN (without blockade, with adjustable fall current), 4-step (button lock for long joints).

A clear and easy-to-use digital control panel enables precise adjustment of welding parameters such as:

    inductance regulation
    pulse frequency control
    regulation of the arc length in the pulse
    regulation of the welding voltage in the pulse
    regulation of the welding current in the pulse
    spot welding time

Physical parameters

The device has coolers, which significantly increases its efficiency and protects against overheating of the handle.

The device is equipped with an overload protection, which increases its reliability.

Power parameters

Three-phase power supply 3x400V The device is not equipped with a power plug.


The delivery includes a device with an external 4-roll wire feeder, a connecting cable, source, feeder with a length of 2.5 m, a professional liquid-cooled welding torch MIG 500 with a length of 3 meters armed with aluminum, a ground cable with a length of 3 meters and rolls for the feeder 1.0- 1.2 for steel and 1.0-1.2 for aluminum.

Terms of warranty

12-month warranty for professional use. The warranty service is provided in the door-to-door system without transport costs on the user's side.


Physical parameters

    Protection degree IP21S
    Weight of the device / set 126/136 kg
    Overall dimensions length x width x height 985x650x1450 mm

Technical specifications

    Power 21.2 kW
    Idle voltage 76 V
    Maximum current 500 A.
    Current at work 100% 318 A.
    Current at work 60% 500 A.
    Steel wire diameter 0.8 - 1.6 mm
    Stainless steel wire diameter 0.8 - 1.6 mm
    Welding current adjustment levels Infinitely variable
    Welding current adjustment range 60 - 500 A

Power parameters

    Current drawn from the 34 A network
    32 A mains protection
    Rated supply voltage 400V 3ph

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