• M80682 COMPRESSOR 200L / Z-0.9 / 8 / RIPPER / 400V

The Symbol : M80682

M80682 COMPRESSOR 200L / Z-0.9 / 8 / RIPPER / 400V

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The components are made of the highest quality materials. Cast-iron cylinders and an aluminum compressor head are equipped with ribbing, heat sinks are mounted on the pressure pipes connecting the cylinders, which translated into more efficient heat dissipation generated during compressor operation. The whole structure has been supplemented with a large pulley with cooling blades placed on it. One inch cast iron check valve with capacity up to 1,200 l / min. The non-return valve is connected by a pipe with a pressure relief valve installed in the compressor switch, thanks to this solution the compressor always starts without pressure load.

High quality contactor. Contactors are mechanical switches, the main elements of which are: working contacts, a coil and an electromagnet. With a sufficiently high voltage on the coil, the contacts remain closed, while when the voltage drops, the armature drops and the contacts are opened by the electromagnet. Everything is placed in a metal housing, with an additional switch / key switch on the outside.


The GV2-ME is a 3-phase motor protection switch designed to control and protect motors in accordance with the standards IFC 947-2 and IFC 947-4-1. The switches are designed to protect 3-phase motors up to 15 kW / 400V in 15 current ranges from 1.0 to 32 A.
Technical data:

  •     Tank capacity: 200 L
  •     Cylinder diameter: 2 x 90 mm
  •     Theoretical coverage: 860 l / min
  •     Effective capacity 600 l / min
  •     Working pressure: 6 - 8 bar (work)
  •     Engine: 4 kW / 5.5 HP
  •     Compressor net weight: 132 kg
  •     Power supply: 400V
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