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HECHT GG 6500 is a quiet, stable and efficient electric generator. It is powered by a 10 HP four-stroke engine with a capacity of 389 cm3. The generator is equipped with an electric starter, so it is started by turning the key in the ignition, just like in a car. In the event of a discharged battery, it is also possible to start the device manually with the starter cord.

The electrical panel includes a digital display to keep the generated voltage (voltmeter) under control, an oil level indicator light, and a ground terminal. There are three sockets on the left side of the panel. The first two with a standard voltage of 230 V / 50 Hz (16A), and one single-phase industrial socket 230 V / 50 Hz (32A). Single-phase socket is intended for connecting devices requiring voltage higher than 16 A (standard socket). Therefore, the generator is suitable for use as a backup energy source or as a mobile energy center. The device also has a 12 V socket with a maximum voltage of 8.3 A. It is used to connect devices powered with 12 V voltage, it can also be used to charge some types of 12 V batteries. The socket is not equipped with charging regulation, so you should constantly monitor the battery charge status and disconnect it when fully charged.

The generator has a rated power of 5000 W, and a maximum power of 5500 W. The generator is equipped with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) which prevents voltage fluctuations with changes in the device load. The fuel tank has a fuel level indicator and has a capacity of 25 liters. The maximum time of continuous operation is around 8 hours.

The device is mounted in a steel frame with transport wheels and a hinged handle. This allows the 84 kg device to move quickly and easily. Such parameters make the GG 6500 aggregate ideal as a source of energy for buildings, but also for powering some boilers, etc.
Technical data:

    Engine power according to SAE J194010 HP
    Engine capacity 389 cm3
    Weight 84 kg
    HECHT 4-stroke engine
    Electric starter Yes
    AVR voltage regulator
    Voltmeter Yes
    Fuse Yes
    230V socket 2 x 230V-16 A II 1 x 230V-32 A
    12 V socket
    1 pc 25 l tank
    Noise level 96 dB
    Maximum power 5500 W
    Rated power 5000 W
    Maximum engine power 13 HP

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